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Ants do not cause the transmission of diseases among family members, but ants may be of various types, especially black ants in the home or workplace, which can cause great inconvenience, especially if there is sugar or sugar-containing products, of course will come to the ants, and this makes you resort By contacting an ant control company.

Tips to ensure that ants are not at home

To ensure that ants are not present in the house frequently, and without using any materials, follow these tips to ensure that the ants do not return home.

  1. Look for small openings inside the house and close them tightly by using building materials such as cement to ensure that ants hide inside these openings and get out again from these openings.
  2. Cover all food containing sugars, which cause the ants to reach them.
  3. If the problem persists and you can not solve it can communicate with the Star creativity company to combat ants, and we will make several visits and give instructions to ensure that the ants do not return home again.

Why do you deal with Star creativity company to combat ants?

Star Creativity has several different certificates in the elimination of insects and cleaning and is one of the first companies located within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the fight against insects and there are many reasons why you do business with us other than other companies.

  1. The company has highly trained and experienced technicians in pest control.
  2. The company uses the best safe products on human health.
  3. The company has great trust from previous clients.
  4. The company will follow up with the owner of the house or work place after the elimination of ants to make sure that they do not return again to the place.
  5. The company offers a guarantee on its control.
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