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Mice can cause significant damage to furniture, wood, and other things inside companies and homes.In addition, mice can cause infection among family members because of what mice do with home foods, which can cause inconvenience to many of us. Star creativity is the best rat control company inside Abu Dhabi.

  Mice Control Service from Star Creativity  

Through Star creativity, we provide a team trained at the highest level to combat mice using the best methods and products reached by the world so far in the fight against mice, and all products used to control completely safe for the health of family members ..

  Rats risks:  

Although mice are small and useful, their damage and risks to humans are large, and may be the cause of transmission of diseases and viruses for many people, and perhaps the most prominent of these are Henta viruses, meningitis, lymphocytes, Salmonella and other diseases.

Indications and signs of rat spread:

There are several signs and indications of the spread of mice, whether inside the home or the workplace, and perhaps the most prominent:

  1. Rat dung: Or as it is called rat feces where the color tends to black or dark brown, and be in the form of small balls close to the grain of rice.
  2. Greasy signs on the floors of the house: Mice produce grease and dirt that may be seen on the floors of the house or workplace.
  3. Scratching and Noise Sounds Mice are rodents of high mobility, resulting in noises and noises during their activity. These sounds may be heard at night.
  4. Burrows of mice: It is known that mice hide in burrows and in the case of the presence of burrows inside the house, this indicates the presence of mice.
  5. Mice ‘s footprints: Mice’ s feet are naturally dirty, leaving footprints on the floor.

  Control of mice within the company:   

At Star Creativity, we provide the best methods and tools in controlling mice once and for all, just contact us to make an appointment.

 Why deal with Creativity Stars to fight mice

Star Creativity has several different certificates in the elimination of insects and cleaning and is one of the first companies located within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the fight against insects and there are many reasons why you do business with us other than other companies.

  1. The company has highly trained and experienced technicians in pest control.
  2. The company uses the best safe products on human health.
  3. The company has great trust from previous clients.
  4. The company will follow up with the owner of the house or work place after the elimination of mice to make sure not to return again to the place.
  5. The company offers a guarantee on its control.
  6. The company provides prevention tips for mice to ensure they do not return.
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