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Termites are found in homes and homes, especially new homes under construction. What is termites? And where arises? What are the damages? How can we get rid of it and fight it? Termites are one of the insects that live within their own huge colonies, which are divided into the sects of each denomination that has a certain function. They live in secret and secret. As one piece without waist and also called the land for being living in the ground and invisibility, termites food main cellulose material, which is abundant in the furniture of wooden houses, wood, carpets, rugs, curtains, fabrics, clothing, buildings and constructions so termites are considered Serious bulletins being destroys the buildings, furniture and trees annually. This dangerous insect as we mentioned that they live in huge colonies where the size of each colony to thirty thousand to nearly two million people or insect in each colony, if you suffer from termites do not hesitate to contact the company Star creativity.

  The reasons for the appearance of termites at home   

Here are several reasons that lead to the emergence of termites at home, perhaps the most prominent:

  1. There are openings that allow termites to enter the house.
  2. Water leaks in the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Lack of attention to the cleanliness of the house well and clean constantly, and not to ventilate the house on a daily basis.
  4. Leave the house door open for a long time.
  5. If the floor of the house is wooden, the ants will enter the house significantly.
  6. Not lighting the house for a long time and leaving the house is considered one of the reasons for the appearance of termites.
  7. The presence of sugars or sweets in the open house leads to the termite pool.

  Anti termites

At Star Creativity we have a group of experts in termite control. If you suffer from the emergence of termites, please feel free to contact us.

 Why do you work with Star creativity company to combat termites?  

Star Creativity has several different certificates in the elimination of insects and cleaning and is one of the first companies located within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the fight against insects and there are many reasons why you do business with us other than other companies.

  1. The company has highly trained and experienced technicians in pest control.
  2. The company uses the best safe products on human health.
  3. The company has great trust from previous clients.
  4. The company will follow up with the owner of the house or the work place after the termination of the termites to make sure that they do not return again to the place.
  5. The company offers a guarantee on its control.
  6. The company provides termite prevention tips to ensure they never return
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